Ballet is the foundation of many other dance forms and teaches poise, musicality, technique and artistry. We offer ballet classes to students from age 4 upwards teaching the ISTD syllabus, and Melody Movement classes from age 3.


Students are able to take graded examinations with the ISTD.

We also offer a ballet technique class for adults.


Modern dance combines elements of natural movement, contemporary and jazz dance. It is a style commonly seen in West End musicals and is an excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue a career in dance.

Modern and jazz classes are offered to students from age 4 upwards, teaching the ISTD syllabus. Students are able to take graded modern exams and jazz medal tests with the ISTD.



Tap is a dance style most widely associated with the musicals of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. It teaches rhythm and coordination and is a fun workout for all ages.

We offer tap classes to children from age 4 upwards, following the ISTD syllabus. Students are able to take graded examinations with the ISTD.

We also run Adult Tap classes (see below).


For 3-4 year olds we offer Melody Movement classes, which are an excellent introduction to the world of music, movement and dance. These classes develop skills such as musicality, spatial awareness, coordination and balance through imaginative dance exercises and sequences.

Each class is accompanied by Melody Bear, the dancing teddy bear and a range of props such as scarves, flags and fairy wands. The class is based on natural movement, with elements of ballet. Our classes are suitable for both girls and boys. When they start school, children move up to the First Ballet class. We also offer tap and modern classes from Reception age.


Whether you are looking to take up a new hobby or are returning to dance, our classes are a great way to get fit, make new friends and learn a new skill.

We currently offer the following classes:

Adult Tap Level 1 Mondays, 7.20pm - 8.05pm at Cowbridge Hall

Adult Tap Level 2 Mondays, 8.15pm - 9.00pm at Cowbridge Hall

Adult Ballet Wednesdays, 7.30pm - 8.30pm at Cowbridge Hall